In business, you’re growing or dying. There isn’t another option. If your business isn’t growing, you should be working to make it grow. Those that think they are maintaining are usually one hard season away from disaster.
Marketing grows your business. Your message and the way your message reaches your audience are marketing. Advertising options are part of your marketing. For too many businesses, they have no idea what the best advertising options are for their business, nor do they have any idea of the ROI on their advertising.
Unfortunately, many business owners are two steps behind when it comes to their marketing and advertising choices. Some are still advertising in phone books, while all of their potential customers are using their cell phones and the Internet to find new businesses. Some are relying on an outdated web site (with no SEO) to carry their message to the masses. There are better tools out there.
Imagine you need to cut down a tree. You go to the shed and look to see what tools you have. You have a handsaw, an ax and a chainsaw. Which do you choose? Kind of a no-brainer right?
Video is the chainsaw for marketing your business.
I know, I know. But, we don’t want to pay for a commercial on local TV.
Hear me out. Local TV can be an option for some business owners, but there is also Cable Advertising, YouTube, websites and more. Your options for the use of a commercial or video have grown immensely in the past 5 to 10 years. Even if its just a video on your website, it can increase the likelihood of converting your website visitors to customers by as much as 144% (check out the article here.) I realize that article is talking about retail product videos, but it applies no matter what your business is selling. Video is the language of the masses.
We can produce a great video to help promote your business. We can even help find and setup the best uses of that video for your business – whether that’s social media buys, cable advertising buys, or just integrating your video into your website. Even better, we are one of the most affordable professional video solutions you can find. Call today (979.997.5511) to find out more!