Recently, we ran into some hiccups. Somewhere between the hosting company we use and the registration company that certifies domain names, we were hacked. Of the thousands of customers the hosting company has, I was one of the first people to discover the issue on a Sunday afternoon. After a quick talk with the support team, they pointed me in the right direction for a solution. And they fixed the problem on their end. This left the time consuming and frustrating task of re-entering every customer’s DNS entries with their registrar. Yuck! This process happened unnoticed by most, but for a couple of customers – they got to experience the same frustration that I was putting up with. In addition to their website being down, they also had email issues.
Not good.
So, from Sunday, through Wednesday morning I got little to no sleep as I struggled to make sure each and every customer was up and running at 100%. This time included long calls to technical support for hosting companies, registration companies, and computer consulting companies. It included hours of research on message boards and support websites. And of course it included, dozens of emails back and forth to customers, as well as phone calls.
And do you know how much additional hours were billed to my customers?
ZERO. Not one penny extra was charged.
Recently, an upgrade to a WordPress theme for one of my maintenance customers ruined their website. We had to pick a new theme and start over. How much did they pay for what was essentially a completely new website?
ZERO.  Not one penny extra was charged.We price our services as fairly as possible, and offer the best service we can. We go over and above to make sure our customers needs are met. We believe in service.
Occasionally, we have a customer that isn’t happy and chooses not to renew their service. Inevitably, it involves a discussion of price. They have seen a WIX, SQUARE SPACES, or GoDaddy commercial and are dreaming of greener pastures. To these people I say, Good Luck!
If you can find a company that will give you the same or greater level of service that we give to our customers for a lower price – more power to you!
I realize we aren’t a perfect fit for every company out there. Sometimes its about personalities or some other issue. But, I can say, with some certainty, you will be hard pressed to find a company that offers more for less.