“No one will tell you that your marketing stinks.”

Who said this? Me, right now. And it is true. You will never know how much business you aren’t getting because someone looked at your website and thought it looked amateurish or thought your business card looked like a Vista Print job.
Marketing, when done right, yields huge returns. At the very least, it pays for itself.

I think we all know a restaurant or two that has good food and good service but crappy marketing. They have hand written signs up everywhere, an ugly menu, and no website. And truthfully, when you walked in you wanted to walk out. The only reason you stayed to eat is because someone dragged you in to the place. But, once you eat the food and experience the service, you think its a shame they don’t market themselves better.

And we have all experienced the opposite, great marketing but crappy service and the food is blah. You promise yourself you’ll never go back. But, the reason they are busy and the other is not as busy – marketing. Good marketing can be the difference between life and death for a business.

So, contact us today to review your marketing efforts. It may be that we can help, or maybe not. Either way we will give you an honest assessment and, if its your first consultation, it won’t cost you a dime.