Recently I had a potential customer call and ask if we “sell Facebook likes”. I was a little confused. We discussed her business and her online marketing strategy. Her idea was to launch on social media while maintaining a very basic web site. Her web site accomplished as much as a business card. Her emphasis was going to be social media. And, she was willing to pay large sums of money to make sure her Facebook page had as many likes as possible. (Let me say, I’m not unfamiliar with the concept of “like” farms and boosting your social media profile through soliciting false third party involvement. I’ve never done it, won’t do it and wouldn’t recommend it.)

So, to recap – lady calls me and asks for help increasing likes on her Facebook page – specifically ‘paid’ likes. She offers me large sums of money to do so. After a quick discussion of her business I offer some alternative ideas. She basically rejects all of those and comes back to the idea of likes on her Facebook page.

Then I ask this shocking question – Why?

“Why do you want Facebook page likes?” I asked.
“Well, uh, I talked to some people and they said that’s what I needed. Social media is where its at. Uh.. I uh..” she stammered.
I went on to hit her with some hard logic – follow with me:
You sell a service.
You are using social media to spread the word on that service.
Your goal is real people buying your service – which people can’t do through your Facebook page. They have to go to your website or call you.
Your website sucks.
What good are 5000 fake likes on your Facebook page going to do?

I mean, right? If your goal is for real people to buy your good or service, wouldn’t you want to get your good or service in front of as many real people as possible? Why pay thousands of dollars for fake likes from people? Why not spend your money on Facebook ads, or Google Adwords, or promoting posts or… I don’t know – anything else. To me, its like buying cardboard cutouts of customers to stand in your store.

Well, obviously, this lady didn’t hire me. She was “told something by somebody” who is apparently someone she trusts more than me. I hope she figures it all out.

But, for the rest of you, let me give you a few pieces of advice:

  1. Have a process!
    Think through why you are doing what you are doing. Make sure you are making legitimate investments that have actual returns. Know the answer to “Why?”
  2. Be open to counsel!
    Notice I said counsel not advice. Advice comes from anyone, counsel comes from experts.
  3. Remember the purpose!
    What is your ultimate goal? Make sure your efforts are helping you to accomplish that goal.

And a few questions to consider – Does my web site convert visitors to customers? Do my social media efforts increase my customer base? Can I measure the effectiveness of my advertising efforts?

As always, if you need help – contact us.