After 8 years, Green Light Consultants is now Marketing and Creative. The first question people ask is why? Here is a quick reason for the name change and a list of things that will change in the business.

The name change reflects a new direction in the business and a very clear identifier of what services we offer – Marketing and Creative.

On the Marketing side of the business –

  • Photography will not be promoted as a separate service. It will be provided for customers that need it, but will not be broken out as a service on its own.
  • Videography will be a big emphasis- business videos, event videos, social media videos, logo videos, etc.
  • We will not be taking on any new customers in the area of Social Media Marketing or Email Marketing.
  • SEO – We will have a renewed focus in our local listing service, but will no longer be taking new customers for organic SEO. We have a very good tool that helps with local SEO, reputation management, and business information scrubbing. This will be our focus from now on.
  • Graphic design and printed materials – will no longer take new customers for these separate services. These services are reserved for current customers or are provided as a part of a package.

On the Creative side of the business –

  • We will be creating original content and shows for distribution on a variety of mediums

We are pushing towards exciting new opportunities and services for our customers. Thank you for your support. We appreciate your business.

PS – New website is in the works. We will no longer be maintaining a Facebook page.