A growing trend I’ve noticed – business owners limiting their online marketing efforts to a FB page. Obviously I’m not against FB pages. They can be a great tool. But they should never be your only tool! Depending on your business type you should take part in multiple social media platforms. But, the cornerstone to any online marketing is your WEB SITE! It is essential to have a solid quality web site. A good web site can drive sales, answer questions, educate consumers, provide customer service, etc. And there is no reason not to have a quality web site. There are tons of free and low cost options to get you started. Of course, once you are established, it is important to have a custom built web site provided by an actual web designer or marketing company.

A business owner telling me they have a business web site because they have a FB page is like someone saying they own a vehicle because they ride the bus. You don’t own your FB page. FB owns your FB page. You can’t depend on a third party providing a free service to be the sum of your online marketing. It screams ‘flyby night’ to anyone paying attention. Sure, if you are just starting to make crafts in your garage, just a FB page makes sense. But, when you are an established business serving hundreds of customers making thousands of dollars, its time to make your online presence match your real world presence.
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