ada compliance

ADA Compliance

Is your web site ready for her? If someone visited your web site that suffers from epilepsy, would they suffer a seisure? Would someone who is visually impaired be able to interact with your web site?

Most non-ADA compliant web sites aren’t run by business owners who are seeking to leave out the disabled. It is has been my experience that most business owners are unaware that ADA compliance for web sites is even a thing.

And chances are, if they are aware it is an issue and still aren’t compliant, they are unsure how to proceed. Or, they have shopped for a solution and they are suffering from sticker shock.

Most solutions available to business owners are pricey and unreasonable. These solutions come with monthly fees that essentially hold web sites hostage.

Unfortunately, there are predatory lawyers that are more than happy to sue you and your business if you aren’t ADA compliant.

We are here to help.

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