It seems to be a recurring conversation in today’s marketplace. Free versus Professional. And it is beginning to affect more and more industries.
The web design industry was one of the first to feel the affects of “free” options. Godaddy, among others, started offering free and low cost websites. “Build your website today!” they would say.

Although some may disagree with me, I feel this is a good thing. Many of the shady characters in the web design business – scam artists and fly by night hustlers, were put out of business. For companies like mine to sell our services we needed to step up or game and prove our value.

The one negative I have experienced are customers expectations have been skewed. Beyond “more for less”, the issue becomes what is possible. The idea that they can pay someone $50 and show up on the first page of Google for their search results. And this is usually fueled by a story of a friend ‘who tried it and it worked.’ So, the issue becomes, why can’t we just wave our magic wand and make it happen. It is never that easy! Sometimes I dig a bit on these stories. Inevitably, it turns out, it wasn’t $50 it was $500 and it took weeks if not months.

We have been blessed to help many people over 10 years – doing all sorts of things: web design, graphic design, branding, copy writing, photography, videography, commercials, print ads, business cards, etc. We look forward to another 10 years of helping businesses like yours ‘Look Better and Sell More’. In the meantime, let me leave you with the most obvious example I have seen of ‘Free vs. Professional’:

Can you spot the difference?