Marketing a business, like most other tasks in running a business, is hard work. Too often I hear people tell me why they are going to spend less time, less money or less effort on marketing their business. There are a whole host of excuses, and some are legitimate. But, when someone hires Marketing and Creative – they had better be ready to grow. We are a partner that will push your business to grow. (And most of the time, I do mean ‘push’.)

Occasionally, you may find your best marketing efforts fizzle out. When that happens, it is important to have a marketing partner that will get in the trenches with you and do the hard work necessary to accomplish your goals. Unfortunately, too often I see “marketing” companies that have one trick in their toolbox. And if that trick doesn’t work, they move on – leaving the customer to try and figure it out on their own.

Recently a small business owner hired us to provide marketing support. We provided a new logo, a new website, a new commercial, fresh pictures of their business, and local SEO work. We also setup a Google Adwords campaign and did some social media work. Unfortunately, we didn’t see the results we were looking for. As much as this frustrated the customer, it frustrated me. This is what I do – day in and day out. For 10 years I’ve helped dozens of customers grow. This time my efforts weren’t working. What do you do?

What I didn’t do was throw up my hands and walk away. I talked it out with the customer and developed some new strategies. I paid for a social media ad campaign out of my own pocket. I’ve paid for postcards/flyers out of my own pocket that I will personally hand out to promote the business. I am monitoring and adjusting our SEO efforts almost daily. Whatever it takes.

When you consider who to help market your business – make sure they are a partner that will put in hard work and stand by their efforts. Your business deserves it.

And if you are a business owner that is lucky enough to have someone pushing you to market your business – don’t make excuses. Help them help you… then get ready to grow.