Who Are We?

On the outside, we’re a marketing and design group. On the inside, we are a bunch of people that love creativity, enjoy a good laugh and want to hang out with others. We also like cameras, sketchbooks, drones, sometimes computers and usually each other.

Le Cowan

Jack-of-all-trades, creative guy, man with the plan – no matter what people call him, Le works hard to meet the needs of clients through Marketing and Creative. With an interesting past in most every type of work you can imagine, Le’s experiences and education shape him into a unique individual who helps people with creative solutions.


About Le

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Elliott Pearson

Eager to learn and quick to develope ideas in to reality, Elliott enjoys seeing a project come together and serve the community. He has strong skills and years of expereince in graphic design, and likes to spend his free time outside exploring.

Trenton Timberlake

Trenton has been exploring photography and videography for years now and enjoys discovering more about each style and variety. He likes to spend his free time photographing wildlife in the local nature preserves.


Our Team Is Bigger Than Just Us Though

Our team is far bigger than what our office holds. It also includes everyone that we work with. Here are some of our customers and their words:

Tom's Pawn Shop

“Marketing and Creative created our new website which really brought us into the 21st century. We are really pleased with it!”

Bird Song Real Estate